Auto Play in Cryptologic European Roulette

Published: February 28, 2012

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Cryptologic European Roulette is one of the most feature rich roulette variants. Each feature has a purpose and an advantage. The feature that will be discussed in this article is the Auto Play feature. The Cryptologic European Roulette Auto Play is one of the most complex features of its type. It can take a while for a newbie player to understand it completely. The simple objective is to wager on the same pattern a number of times. The innovative aspect is that the amount of the wager can be varied, if desired.

The Auto Play is activated by clicking the button on the bottom tool bar in the Cryptologic European Roulette screen. The Auto Play box is displayed on the screen. The first step is to select the bet pattern, which is carried out in the bottom half of the box. The player may have already saved one or more patterns and may want to use one of those. This can be done by selecting the desired pattern from the drop down box in front of the “Choose a bet pattern” text. The pattern is then displayed on the roulette layout below the drop down box. The player is thus able to confirm that there has been no inadvertent mistake in saving and selecting the bet pattern.

If the player has not saved any pattern or wants to use a new pattern, then he should click the Custom button, which will take him to the Saved Bets Layout. There he can create any wagering pattern he desires on the roulette layout, enter a name for the pattern and click Save. The player will be returned to the Auto Play box with the new pattern displayed on the layout.

The player now has to move to the top part of the Auto Play box. The Bet Per Spin cell will already display the total amount wagered as per the selected pattern. The crucial decision is the Bet Type. The player has to choose from Fixed or Repeat. The Fixed type will run the Auto Play according to the instructions with the same bet amount throughout. The Repeat type will create a series of wager amounts that will be played in sequence. Each amount entered in the sequence will be a multiple of the base amount displayed in the Bet Per Spin cell. Suppose that the selected pattern has six chips of 5 credits each. The bet per spin is 30 credits. If the player enters 1, 2 and 3 in the sequence then the first spin will be played with 5 credit chips, the second with 10 credit chips and the third with 15 credit chips. This pattern will repeat throughout the Auto Play.

The final step is to fill in the Auto Play parameters. The first and most important parameter is the number of spins. Then there are three options for aborting the Auto Play if certain conditions are met. It is up to the player to use or to ignore these. The first stops the Auto Play after a single win of a specified amount. The second stops the Auto Play if the total win exceeds a specified amount. The third stops the Auto Play if the total loss exceeds a specified amount.

Once the Auto Play box has been filled the player should click the Start Auto Play button and can then sit back and watch the software conduct the wagering for him. Cryptologic European Roulette is live at online casinos like InterCasino.


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