A Primer On Online Casino Promotions

Published: December 5, 2018

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The best online casinos regularly offer different kinds of promotions to their players. You are not compelled to participate in these, but could be missing out if you do not. This article explains the two broad categories of online casino promotions and some of the variations within each.

The first kind of online promotion is called a leader board. Players earn points by performing specific activities during the promotion period and are ranked on the leader board on the basis of the points. The designated number of players that top the leader board will share the prize pool in the prescribed manner. The most common form of the leader board promotion uses the regular loyalty points awarded by the online casino as the criterion for ranking. This means that the more you wager, the more loyalty points you earn and the higher your rank will be. Therefore most leader board promotions cater to high roller players. Many leader board promotions do not impose any restrictions on the online casino games from which you can earn loyalty points. In such cases it makes sense to play online slots, because these award the most loyalty points per unit wager.

The lucky draw is an online promotion in the second category. In this promotion players earn tickets for a lucky draw. Usually tickets are offered for wagering certain amount, say one ticket for every $20 wagered. Sometimes the criterion is amounts deposited. Most promotions do have liberal restrictions on the number of tickets that a player can earn. So again the promotion is somewhat in favour of high rollers. They can earn more tickets and increase their chance of winning prizes in the random draw. However, it is possible to win even the top prize with a single ticket, so low rollers are not left totally in the lurch.

There is a reason why these online promotions favour high rollers. In order to offer attractive prizes like exotic holidays, luxury goods and big cash amounts, online casinos need huge player participation. And only high rollers can contribute in this manner. The best online casinos also offer special promotions where low rollers do not have an inherent disadvantage. But the prize pools in such promotions will be lower. In the leader board type of promotion, the ranking can be done on the basis of the highest win from a single spin. In the lucky draw type of promotion, the maximum number of tickets awarded can be limited to say one a day.


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