Successful Launch of Online Gambling in New Jersey

Published: December 3, 2013

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This year’s Thanksgiving Day brought in a good start for New Jersey online Gamblers with thousands of people signing up for the service as soon as it was available in New Jersey. On Monday afternoon, a state wide online gambling began in New Jersey after they had put the program on a five day test period.

Over the span of the last year in 2013, the state of New Jersey has been busy with the setting up of its online gambling regulations. The debate over regulation and of where it is going in the future has been extended which leads to a passing of the bill within two months that allowed the legislatures to resolve differences with regards to the regulation. After Delaware and Nevada, New Jersey is the third state in the nation to offer online gambling. With this, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement is now in charge of establishing the core of the regulation for online gambling, online casinos and online poker for the state. The Enforcement was established in 1997 and its purpose is to ensure the integrity of the casino gaming industry in the State of New Jersey. By protecting public interest and maintaining online gaming, online casino and poker as a viable industry, its mission is also to ensure that the industry is free from organized crime, assuring integrity of the online casino owners as well as operators. The regulations under the enforcement are strictly adhered to.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement released the data that 32,277 new accounts were opened during online casino and gambling soft launch which began on November 21st 2013. On thanksgiving alone, 5,000 new accounts were created. The data however does not reflect each and every single individual who had opened an account because some of the players may have opened accounts on various online casinos. Therefore, the enforcement is unable to determine how many people actually made bets on the online casinos and gambling sites because some of the players have made more than one account of various sites. However, such a number portrays a positive side to the industry.

Ever since Atlantic City casino opened up in 1978, this Thanksgiving day start marks the biggest expansion for online casino and gambling for the state. This have been extremely exciting news for New Jersey residents as they have been preparing to welcome legalized online gambling with open arms.


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