Poll Shows a Majority of Americans Want Legal Online Gambling

Published: December 23, 2013

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It is a popular belief that in the United States there is a semi-even split concerning legalized online gambling. The two-party political system present in the country often makes it seem like most political issues are polarized into Republican and Democratic ideals. However, a recent poll identified that the real numbers are much different from what people perceive them to be. Keep reading to find out what is the actual percentage of Americans favoring and against federally regulated online casino gambling.

The results revealed that 65 percent of American residents are in favor of legalizing online gambling at a country level, and 32 percent expressed to be in favor of having it outlawed. These results were published by Casino Listings, and they are rather controversial considering the numerous bills that have been turned down in Congress concerning the regulation of online gambling in the country.

By now, most of us are aware of the status of online casino gambling in the country. A few states have legalized online casino gambling within their jurisdictional area, but the Federal Government is still enforcing the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), which bans all financial transasctions between financial institutions and online gambling operators.

The poll also reports a demographic breakdown which stated that independent voters leaning towards the Republican party are more likely to support legal online poker, and 75 percent of them say the activity should be legalized. On the other hand, independent voters leaning towards the Democratic party expressed being opposed to legalizing the activity, showing 58 percent of opposition in their numbers. 66 percent of Republican voters, 65 percent of Democrat voters, and 68 percent of Independent voters all approved of online gambling legalization.

An interesting statistical finding was that voters who hold a high school degree had the highest percentage of opposition (41%), but 56 percent of them still want to see it legalized. Voters with college degrees showed the most positive attitude towards regulating the activity with 73 percent of them aproving. Also, people above 55 had 56 percent of their population approving, and those under 55 showed a 70 percent rate of approval.

It is good to know that most Americans are in favor of legal online gambling, since this battle has been ongoing for years and it is about time that the situation gets settled. However, the Congress is the main decision maker and their interests do not seem to reflect those of the population at this time.


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