Playtech Unveils Innovative Online Software Platform Tool

Published: November 5, 2014

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Most online casino players interface with software providers through the casino games they offer. But the savvy casino players also keep track of technological developments in the software platforms, which are normally of interest only to the online casino operators. One such development has been announced by Playtech, the world’s leading multi-channel gaming software and services supplier. It has added a new tool to its award-winning IMS platform. This has been given the name Campaign Manager.

Campaign Manager has powerful and innovative features that are designed to streamline and optimize the marketing efforts of online casino operators by fully automating key aspects of the player journey. Some of the inputs are provided at scheduled intervals, while others trigger in real time as the player is wagering at the online casino. The statistical analysis tools include automated player segmentation and multivariate testing. The more direct tools include multi-product and cross-channel bonuses, player messaging and business alerts.

Campaign Manager has been tried out by a few leading Playtech operators. One of them has explained the benefits in terms that can be easily understood by online casino players. Campaign Manager not only automates some of the manual tasks at online casinos but also ensures that players are contacted at the right time in their lifecycle and with the offers appropriate for that time. With the additional information available, marketing teams can convert new ideas to deliverable products much more quickly. This is very important in a market that is changing rapidly.

Several senior Playtech executives also released statements about the launch of this new tool. Shay Segev, COO of Playtech, pointed out that Campaign Manager’s innovative marketing automation capabilities will further enhance the position of Playtech’s IMS as the online gambling industry’s leading value-adding gaming platform. Shelley Harding-Ban, IMS Product Manager of Playtech, said that they had promised that IMS would be a one-stop shop for online casino operators by taking care of all their needs. Campaign Manager’s cross-channel and multi-product capabilities have ensured that Playtech has delivered on the promise. Harding-Ban added, “The system is showing exceptionally good results and we are again raising the bar, firmly cementing our position as the leading platform, software and services provider within the global gambling industry.”

With the trials proving successful, Playtech plans to roll out Campaign Manager to its other online casinos in the coming months. Very soon players at Playtech powered online casinos like Mansion Casino and Omni Casino will feel the difference.


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