Playtech Online Casino Player Hits Big Jackpot

Published: January 22, 2014

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The online casino software provider Playtech has a number of progressive jackpot slots in its portfolio. The total jackpot pool runs into several million dollars. Last week, a player at a popular Playtech online casino hit a massive jackpot of $300,000. The amazing thing about this win was that Charles N, the lucky player, had wagered only $8 on the spin on the slot game Everybody’s Jackpot.

Charles is a veteran online casino player. He has been wagering at the Playtech online casino for the past 9 years and has become a VIP player there. He said that his favorite games were branded slots, and not the game that gave him the life changing payout. Playtech is a leader in the branded slots sector with the Marvel Movies progressive slots. Charles’ favorites were Iron Man and X-Men. Charles reaction to his big win was not very different from that of several other players. He had only been wagering for a few minutes when he hit the jackpot. He was tremendously excited, but also had a little doubt that he had actually won such a bog sum. He said, “I kept jumping around, it is such an incredibly emotional sensation. It is the first time I have ever felt anything like that in my life. My wife and I have been so happy; we have not slept for three days!” Obviously his family figures in his planned splurge. He will use a part of his winnings to take his wife and children on holiday, flying first class for the first time in his life. This win has only whetted his appetite for progressive slots. Charles said that his online jackpot hunting days were far from over.

When Charles hit the jackpot, many other players automatically became big winners. This is because Everybody’s Jackpot is a multi-player slot game with a Mystery Progressive Jackpot that is triggered randomly during the main game. The player who hits the winning spin gets 70% of the jackpot amount. The remaining 30% is distributed amongst qualifying players according to the total bets placed by them over the past 24 hours. This means players who have logged off after playing a bit on the game also stand to win a share of the jackpot. has several reputed Playtech online casinos on its recommended list where you can wager on Everybody’s Jackpot and take home a big packet. Some of these are Omni Casino and Mansion Casino.


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