Party Casino Raffle Jackpot Online Promo

Published: July 11, 2012

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This month Party Casino has added pizzazz to its Raffle Jackpot Rewards promotion. Usually the Raffle Jackpot gives away life changing wads of cash in an online draw. But in July the promotion is packing in extra prizes and rewarding players just for taking part. The promotion will start at Party Casino on July 13 and will run till July 27. During this promotion period every time the Raffle Jackpot hits a milestone, players will be rewarded. Once a reward has been switched on it will last for the entire promotion enabling players to build a tower of prizes.

The first milestone is the $75,000 mark. It will activate the Prize Power Ups and offer boxes brimming with cash, bonuses and points for playing the Raffle Jackpot games. The next mark in this Party Casino promotion is $100,000. Players will be offered double loyalty points on every Raffle Jackpot slot. The biggest benefits will accrue when the Raffle Jackpot crosses the $125,000 mark. Players who earn 10,000 tickets before the prize pool passes $125,000 will pick up a huge $500 cash bonus. Party Casino is offering more. It says, “Raffle Jackpot loves winners, so when you hit the jackpot we’ll make sure you hit it hard. Win more than 5 prizes in the draw and you’ll get an extra $1,000 cash bonus as recognition of your winning streak.” There is something even for players who miss out on a share of the Raffle Jackpot prize pool. When they earn at least 250 points playing Raffle Jackpot slots, they will definitely take home a $1,000 cash bonus. Therefore the promotion is a win-win either way.

Party Casino players need to be familiar with the terms and conditions of the Raffle Jackpot Rewards promotion. It is an opt-in promotion and hence players must opt-in through their account to participate. Players can view the number of points they have earned on the Raffle Jackpot Rewards page in their account, after they have opted-in. A maximum of 50,000 points will be awarded to each player through the double points benefit. Prizes awarded as bonuses have wagering restrictions attached. The details are available in the Bonus section of their account. The prizes will be awarded within 72 hours after the promotion ends.

Up to July 14 Party Casino players can participate in the Mercury Rising promotion. Even if they have not opted-in earlier, they can still try for some of the smaller prizes. If they are lucky they may find one of the pop-up Sun Spots for an instant prize. Party Casino is a part of the group. It is licensed and regulated in the jurisdiction of Gibraltar.


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