Online Gambling Revenues Drop in Denmark

Published: September 3, 2013

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It seems like engagement and revenues for the online casino industry continue to fall in European countries. Last week, a report for the UK interest in online gambling based on Google search results and it showed a decrease in searches related to online gambling. This week, news broke that online gambling revenues dropped in Denmark.

Within the results online casinos held a 96 percent payout ratio, and overall betting payout ratio was 86 percent for the quarter. The report also stated that 80 percent of Danish online gamblers are males in the 18 - 45 age range. The female gamblers are less and more diverse in age range. Even with the revenue drop, the Danish Gambling Authority still hopes that their prediction for a 2.385 billion Danish Crowns in revenue for the fiscal year to be accurate. The drop in revenue was not attributed to any phenomenon, there is always a drop in revenue for the summer season, but it was not explained why this year's drop was more significant than the same quarter's stats during 2012.

Among other news in the report was the fact that the Danish Gaming Authority considers it good news that their self exclusion database, ROFUS, has over 2,000 people registered. ROFUS stands for Register Of Voluntarily Excluded Players in Danish, and it was first introduced to the Danish population in 2012. ROFUS gives people the chance to exclude yourself temporarily or permanently from playing online games in Denmark. The report stated that 65 percent of the registered users on the database have excluded themselves permanently. ROFUS states that if you exclude yourself permanently your membership cannot be cancelled within the first year of submission, and after that you have to submit a request to the Danish Gambling Authority to be deleted from the database. Temporary exclusion ends when the time period expires.

Denmark is a country with forward thinking online gambling laws, and that is proven by the creation of ROFUS and the respect for the citizens' ability to determine their own limits. Countries like this are a good example for other countries still struggling to incorporate online gambling into their economic system.


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