Omni Casino Live Dealer Games and Bonuses

Published: January 16, 2018

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Playing live dealer games has been on the wish list of Omni Casino players for some time now. The wait has been worth it because they now have one of the best live dealer casinos from Playtech. Omni Casino players have begun enjoying the thrill of the roulette ball bouncing around the wheel and falling into the number bet on. Blackjack players can experience the thrill of the dealer pulling an ace on top of a jack. The other live casino games on offer are Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, 3-Card Brag (which is very similar to 3-Card Poker) and Hi-Lo 24/7. The Omni Casino live dealer platform is available on both the download and instant play formats.

For a few days more, up to January 18, Omni Casino is running an introductory online promotion at the live dealer tables. All players are will get 10% cash back on all deposited cash losses up to $500. The amounts will be credited to players’ accounts on January 19. There are instantly withdrawable cash amounts without any wagering requirements. But there are a few eligibility conditions that have to be met. You have to deposit and lose a minimum of CA$50 during the promotion period. The minimum number of game rounds must be greater than 30.

If you are apprehensive of the more complex live dealer games, you can start with Hi-Lo 24/7. Casino games do not get much simpler than this. You have to guess whether the next card drawn by the dealer is higher, lower or the same as the card currently displayed on the table. Ace is highest and deuce is lowest. If you guess incorrectly, you forfeit your bet. If you pick correctly, you win a house calculated payout. A win on the same ranked card has the highest payout at 12.06 times your bet amount. Payouts for the Hi and Lo bets are based on the value of the base card.

There is a side bet that pays on the rank of the dealt card irrespective of the comparison with the current card. Ace pays out 11.56 times the bet amount. Designated groups of four cards pay 2.89 times the bet amount. Red and Black pay 1.92 times the bet amount. Hi-Lo is a live dealer game involving no skill whatsoever. The long term average return to player as indicated by Playtech is 96.45%. But with no strategy to master and reasonably high payout potential this is not so bad.


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