New Online Scratch Cards At InterCasino

Published: April 11, 2018

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Among the new games at InterCasino you will find two scratch cards. These are from Gamevy, who has revived the lost art of creating scratch cards with interesting themes and structuring them in an interesting manner. Scratch cards are fast paced instant win games based entirely on luck. They are ideal for taking a breather amidst more serious wagering. But you should not make them your staple because they usually offer lowers average returns to player than other online casino games. The new Gamevy scratch cards are sports themed, which will be a factor in drawing traffic.

The FIFA World Cup is on this June, so perhaps Football Scratch will be the more popular scratch card. The scratch card loads as a two panel game. The top panel displays two footballs each of which hides a jersey number corresponding to the position of the player. The bottom panel displays the fronts of 8 jerseys. The jerseys hide the player position, player number and win value. After you place the bet you have to reveal the jersey numbers hidden behind the footballs and the jersey numbers in the lower panel. The positions are randomly determined. The purpose is to add authenticity to the game. They have no role in the payouts. If either or both numbers in the top panel match with any of the numbers in the bottom panel, you win the prize amounts corresponding to the matching numbers. So there are two chances to win on every scratch card. If there are no matches then you lose the staked amount. You can choose to use the Reveal All button to play the game automatically or manually click each icon independently or manually swipe multiple icons.

The stake value can be adjusted in the operating panel below the icons. The stake per scratch card can be varied from $0.50 to $2.00. Though the win amounts for each jersey number are displayed as absolute amounts they are in fact multipliers applied to the stake. The multipliers range from 1x to 50,000x. Therefore the top prize with maximum bet is $100,000. The theoretical average return to player is 92%.

Tennis Scratch is briefly described below. You have to beat your opponent and win a prize. The main panel displays 6 games. Each game reveals your score, your opponent’s score and the prize. The prize depends on the bet amount. For each game in which your score is higher than your opponent’s you win the prize.


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