New Online Blackjack Game At InterCasino

Published: June 30, 2014

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The New Game Wednesday online promotion at InterCasino has been introducing a new slot machine every week for a long time now. Last week players at the online casino were pleasantly surprised to see a blackjack variant as the new game. Titled Sidebet Blackjack, this game will challenge your skills to a whole new level with five of the best paying side bets in the business. The list of attractions is almost unending: win up to 5,000:1 on a single hand, play up to five hands every round, lay down your side bets on each hand, side bet can win even if you bust and double down on any two cards. The invitation to play says, “Don’t miss this over the top Blackjack game where you’ll have more than plenty of chances to win big. So what will it be? Hit or stand?”

The first side bet is called Mega Match. A payout is offered on your first two cards. If they are suited you are paid 2:1; if they are a suited King and Queen (a Mega Match) you win 50:1 and if you have a Mega Match and the dealer also has a Mega Match then you are paid 5,000:1. In the Blackjack Attack side bet every time you hit a blackjack you will be paid 18:1 irrespective of what the dealer has. Cash Queens is another side bet based on your first two cards. Your 20s always pay at least 2:1. Suited 20s pay 5:1; pairs of Kings, Jacks or 10s pay 10:1 and a pair of Queens pays 50:1. If you are dealt a pair of Queens when the dealer has a Blackjack you will receive a payout of 500:1. Many blackjack side bets focus on sevens, so Sidebet Blackjack offers Crazy Sevens. You get paid 5:1 if your first card is a seven and then more sevens you are dealt the more you will be paid. Suited sevens pay even more. The really exciting part is that you can split two sevens and continue with the side bet. If your first card after the split is another seven it counts as your third seven. The final side bet is Pair Play. If your first two cards are a pair, you win 12:1. You can still split or double down and get paid the side bet bonus.

InterCasino is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. Keep checking every Wednesday for a new game surprise.


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