Net Entertainment's New Game Titles

Published: October 14, 2013

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There is no better news than knowing that your favorite casino is set to release many new games in the near future. Why? Because you can already start looking forward to the new games that will feed your gambling apetite for the next couple of months. In this article we will talk about the games that online casino software provider Net Entertainmnet is going to release in the near future, so keep reading to find out all about the most up to date online casino games in the industry.

Recently, one of the leading online casinos in the United Kingdom, William Hill, announced the official integration of Net Entertainment game titles to their repertoire of games. This means that the two companies will be working together in developing some of the most realistic and well developed online casino games available. If you have ever played at a Net Entertainment casino, you know we are not joking when we talk about the high quality of their online casino games.

Net Entertainment is a Swedish company that specializes in online casino software development. Their design and development team has several years of experience and they manage to deliver high quality games to all the online casinos they cater to. The games by Net Entertainment were released last Friday at William Hill Casino, only a few weeks after the companies sealed the deal. Among the new titles you will be able to find the popular Scarface, Jack Hammer, Frankestein, and many more.

The deal between the companies stipulates that New Entertainment titles will be added to the William Hill catalog as soon as they are released by Net Entertainment. This means that players will not have to wait for the games to appear a few months later, this will be some of the freshest releases available in the industry. Net Entertainment Malta Managing Director Bjorn Krantz stated: “We have worked closely together (with William Hill) to ensure this successful integration and commercial launch."

If you do not have an account at William Hill, please go ahead and check out if the casino would suit your preferences because they offer great things. If you do not like it, check out any of our recommended Net Entertainment casinos so that you can make an informed decision and access these great online casino game titles very soon. Net Entertainment is planning to release several games in the near future, and you certainly want to catch the games while they are hot!


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