Interactive Gaming Revenue Report for Third Quarter

Published: October 21, 2013

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Eilers Research is a company dedicated to servicing the gaming equipment, technology, and interactive gaming sectors in the global gaming community. Their market research department recently revealed the results of their study on the interactive gaming market niche for the third quarter of 2013. Keep reading to find out which companies are on the lead and what the financial picture looks like for our industry at this time of the year.

Caesar's Interactive Entertainment was ranked as the top social casino gaming publisher in the third quarter, but the overall revenue in the sector was reported to be flat. We all have heard about the massive debt that Caesar's is facing, and it is interesting to see that a company that performs so well in providing interactive gaming services still cannot manage to raise revenues during this time of harsh economic climate in the Western hemisphere of the world.

Eilers Research reported that growth in the mobile and tablet gaming sectors is still suffering from the 7 percent decline in Facebook social casino game revenues from this year. Caesar's launched Caesar's Slots and World Series of Poker, their other brand Slotmania suffered a fall in the third quarter and experts speculate this could be due to a shift in marketing to focus on launching their new brands, or just a drop in customer database. Caesar's Interactive Entertainment currently holds 15 percent of the market share for gaming.

Another part of the study says that Facebook and mobile gaming have seen substantial growth as many high profile companies have merged and there have been acquisition deals, yet the revenue has remained somewhat stagnant this year. The prospect of the United States finally legalizing online gambling has been influencing this sector of the industry greatly, as there is interest, but nobody is sure of whether the activity is legally allowed. Also, many companies have been holding back to see if they will be able to launch real money gaming over Facebook in the near future.

This research study aims at capturing the top social casino games on Facebook, iOS, and Google Play and estimates the revenue for each one of the big titles and their publishers. Among the casino games included are poker, slots, table games, and bingo, but only in their free versions. This is an interesting analysis because it evidences that there is interest in the industry, and a push in legalization is what everyone needs to start gathering revenue in many parts of the world.


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