Gambling Commission New Dispute Resolution Guidelines

Published: November 1, 2018

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The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is one of the leading regulatory agencies in the world. It has recently addressed issues regarding misleading advertising and unfair promotions with the objective of providing a safer environment for online casino players. It has now announced new standards for alternative dispute resolution. If you are a Top Casinos recommended online casino, you would not need dispute resolution, but it still makes sense to be familiar with the latest regulations. These new standards for alternative dispute resolution have gone into force from October 31.

If you any issue with your online casino, the first option is to deal directly. But if you are not happy with the outcome then you will have to go for alternative dispute resolution. Every UK Gambling Commission regulated online casino has to provide this service for free. They have to display at their web sites how players can utilise this facility. Matt Halden, the Consumer Advocacy Specialist at the Gambling Commission, says that these new standards will help players have confidence in the services of the alternative dispute resolution providers through greater transparency.

Some of the guidelines given to the alternative dispute resolution providers are given below.

• Have in place a mechanism for a complaint from the player

• Acknowledge acceptance of the complaint

• Inform the player quickly if the complaint is one they cannot help with

• Update the player when they have received all the information from the online casino that they need

• Understand from the player exactly what the complaint is about and what redressal is asked for

• Keep the player updated throughout the process so you know what stage your complaint has reached

• Make sure the player gets all the information from the online casino about the complaint

• Provide information about what happens at the end of the process, including whether the player can appeal

• Have a feedback mechanism so that players can rate the services provided

The alternative dispute resolution provider will also be required to provide some basic information on their web sites about their services, including their methods and timescales, and performance data to show how they are performing against targets. Another important aspect that they will be expected to demonstrate is their independence from the online casinos, providing information about how they are funded. These will instil confidence in the players. The UK Gambling Commission has averred that it will be monitoring the alternative dispute resolution providers perform against the new standards, and will take action for any shortcomings.


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