Cash Back Bonuses At Vegas Palms Online Casino

Published: February 26, 2014

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Good online casinos need to communicate with their players on a variety of issues, such as new games and promotions and addressing common problems. There are several formal forums available, but informal contacts through blog posts are becoming popular. The blog page of Vegas Palms online casino always makes for informative reading. The latest blog addresses the issue of cash back on losses.

Vegas Palms online casino regularly offers promotions with the benefit of cash back on losses. The online casino felt that the players were experiencing difficulty in understanding the concepts so it has given a quick breakdown in its latest blog. The blog explains what cash back on losses is, how you can take part in one of these promotional offers and when you will be paid out.

Simply stated, in a cash back promotion you are returned a percentage of the money wagered and lost on specified games. For the purpose of Vegas Palms online casino cash back offers, losses are defined as the amount wagered, minus any wins and minus any bonuses received during the promotion period. There are maximum and minimum limits set on the cash back amount.

The blog further clarifies the concept with the help of an example. Suppose the cash back percentage in a promotion is 10% with a €5 minimum payout and a €200 maximum payout. Over the promotional period you wager €1,000 and are paid out €900 in winnings. You also avail of a bonus of €50. The calculation for your loss is as follows: €1,000 wagered – €900 won – €50 bonus = €50 in losses. 10% of your losses amount to €5. Since this is not less than the minimum and not more than the maximum, you will earn €5 as cash back bonus. If your entitlement had been less than €5 then you would not get any cash back. If your entitlement had been more than €200 then you would get €200 as cash back.

The blog addresses some other issues about the cash back as well. If you are eligible for cash back you will receive your bonus within 48 hours after the promotional period has ended. In order to be eligible for the cash back you have to meet the following conditions: you opt in from the promotional message in the lobby, in time; you wager on the games applicable for the promotion, during the promotion period and you incur a loss.


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