Age Of The Gods Slots Top Omni Casino List

Published: October 19, 2016

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Playtech had launched the Age of the Gods series earlier this year as an eventual replacement for the Marvel branded slots. These will be taken off when the agreement between Playtech and Marvel ends, because the new owners of the Marvel brand are not interested in continuing it. At one time there used to be a handful of Marvel superhero slots in the weekly ten most played games list posted by the Omni Casino newsletter. These have already been replaced by the Age of the Gods online slots, indicating that for the players the switchover is complete. In the latest issue of the Omni Times Furious 4 is on the first spot and Age of the Gods is #2.

Furious 4 uses the same slots engine as the Marvel branded video slot Fantastic 4. It features four Greek heroes instead of four Marvel superheroes. They are Prometheus, Apollo, Pandora and Atlas. Each of them offers a unique set of free spins when the feature is triggered. Players that have knowledge of Greek mythology will appreciate the appropriateness of the names given to the free spins. Prometheus stole fire from the gods for mankind and offers Age of Fire free spins. Apollo the Sun God offers Age of Light. Pandora who wanted to know what was hidden in the box awards Age of Curiosity. Age of Endurance is offered by Atlas who holds the heavens on his shoulders.

The flagship slot game of the series is Age of the Gods and is modelled on the slots engine of The Avengers. Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Hercules and Artemis form the brigade that saves the world. In the Pantheon of Power bonus feature when five different deities appear on an active payline you are awarded 200 times the line bet. In the regular Age of the Gods bonus feature you match coins on a second screen to determine the deity that will award the free spins. Each deity awards 9 free games with a different feature. For example, Athena awards a random multiplier and Hercules, who resembles The Hulk in strength, remains fixed as a stacked wild on reel 3.

The third Age of the Gods slot game on the Omni Times list is King of Olympus. It is modelled after Iron Man 2, which has been the most successful Marvel slot game, having spent innumerable weeks as #1 on the list. Unfortunately King of Olympus has not until now been able to replicate the success.


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