888 Online Casino Introduces Stadium Blackjack

Published: September 6, 2017

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888 online casino is more than a place where you can wager on the best selection of casino games and claim attractive bonuses. The blog page at the online casino web site will keep you updated on the latest developments in the brick and mortar gambling world. The latest post is about the newest way blackjack is being played in land casinos like Venetian, Mohegan Sun and Parx and Sands. The game is called Fusion Hybrid Stadium Blackjack and has been developed by Scientific Games Corporation.

Fusion Hybrid Stadium Blackjack has players seated on 44 electronic terminals spread out in a stadium-configured arrangement. A live blackjack dealer stands in front of the stadium. Players make their bets by touching the casino chips on the bottom of their screen terminals. Bets have to be placed before the countdown timer reaches zero, after which no more wagers will be accepted. Then the live dealer deals a single hand of blackjack to all players and one card to herself.

Though the initial cards are common, each player has the option to play his hand in the way he wants. So he will end up getting different hands. Each player uses the same set of decks of cards. So the dealer will get different additional cards against each player, depending on the number of cards drawn by the player. So, at each terminal you get a different player hand, a different dealer hand and a different outcome. At the end of the round the “Pays and Takes” are done automatically by the system and a new round of betting opens. Optional side bets like Royal Match 21, Bet the Set 21 and King’s Bounty are also available.

There are several advantages of Stadium Blackjack. It allows for low limit wagers because of economies of scale and therefore many more players can play the game at exclusive land casinos. Though players are not playing from home, there is sufficient privacy at each terminal for players not to be intimidated by others. You can even play in groups. As at online casinos, you can use blackjack strategy cards while playing stadium blackjack. So you can be sure that you use optimum blackjack strategy.

You need to exercise some caution as well. You will be given a fixed time to make each move. If you do not decide within the given time the default moves will apply. You will stand on hand values of more than 11 and hit otherwise. Each land casino has certain flexibility in the exact rules and you should carefully check these out.


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