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Published: November 18, 2013

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We apologize in advance to those of you who did not catch the reference in the title, for clarification purposes let us tell you that España means Spain in... you guessed it right: Spanish. Anyway, we are thrilled to tell you that one of the most reputable casinos in the industry is also breaking international borders and making its way across the globe. 888 Casino recently announced their upcoming breakthrough in Spanish television, and we cannot wait to see what type of tricks they will come up with for Spanish players to enjoy.

The story is that 888 Casino's marketing team has been performing outstandingly and it engaged in a joint venture with the Spanish Nitro television channel to develop a show that will go by the name 888casino. This is expected to be a reality TV show in which Spanish viewers get to play online casino games in a real casino setting.

We do not quite agree that it makes sense for this show to air early in the morning, but that is the time slot they have chosen to air. A little information leak revealed that the show will focus on live roulette in its initial stages, hoping to move the action to other casino games as it develops. The show will feature professional TV presenters and a lot of promotional offers, and we all know that 888 Casino comes up with some outstanding promotions that are not offered anywhere else.

So far the pronostic is good for this show and they expect to drag an audience in the 35 - 55 age group. The channel is owned by Antena 3, an international Spanish channel, and whereas nobody knows what to expect, it seems certain that this will be entertaining to watch so we suggest that you all start brushing up on your Spanish and stay up to date with the launch date.

If you are in Spain, we hope you will take advantage of the opportunity and try to participate and make the most of their TV offers, which will probably be much more extravagant and sensationalist than the ones at the casino. What do you think of online casinos having reality shows? Why do you think the company chose Spain as the pilot country for such a project? Please share your thoughts with us, we are always eager to listen and give our fifty cents worth of opinion when requested.


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